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As a multifaceted fuel distributor, we cover a wide range of products from Heating Oil, Solid Fuel, Firewood, and Charcoal we are truly the one stop fuel company.

There are two types of heating oil, Kerosene (RBO, Regular Burning Oil 28sec Oil) and Gas Oil ( Red Diesel or 35sec Oil) the most common for heating is Kerosene, however its always important to check your individual system and check you system or tank for product labels.

If you can have the option of using either, Kerosene is the preferred, due to its cleaner burn and more economical, you can even opt for the premium kerosene, which contains an additive for a more efficient burn, while also helping to keep you boiler cleaner and help control bugs in your fuel tank.

This will depend on how often your heating system is on of at what temperature and also the size of the property. They average UK household uses approximately 1400ltrs per year.

Most domestic tanks have a capacity of 1,100 – 2,500ltrs check the label on your tank to see its capacity.

Normally filling your tank works out cheaper and helps reduce the risk of condensation contamination in the summer, however this method will result in a large financial outlay, at DJ Davies we offer Easy-Pay which allows you to spread to cost of your fuel while also being eligible for company benefit schemes contact our customer service/sales team on 01269 850224 to discuss this in more detail.

The Minimum delivery we offer is 250ltrs

The oil industry is a very volatile market with prices constantly changing through out the day, on occasions prices can jump up by as high as 4 Pence Per Litre, however as soon as you place your order your price is fixed and will not be affected if the price climbs.

The typical hose on our tankers is 50meters (160feet), if your tank is further than this you may require our Mini Tanker or Mini Tanker pick up for delivery.

This will depend on the delivery service you selected, we offer: Next Day, 3, 6, and 10 Working Day delivery service.

As with all delivery services the longest period is often the cheapest, this is due to the fact that we have a longer delivery window so can route the delivery as and when we are in the area making it more economical and in turn cheaper for the customer.

Yes, contact DJ Davies and we will send our qualified OFTEC engineer who will inspect your tank. if a replacement is needed, we are a authorised distributor for Atlas Tanks, Atlas Bunded tanks have a 10 year guarantee and all tanks come complete with full fittings and Watchman Sonic Gauge, we will even dispose of your old oil tank.

Kept in the correct conditions heating oil has a lifespan of 10 years, however without proper maintenance, bacteria can grow in your heating oil, this forms a sludge that can corrode tanks and pipework, regular water removal will help prevent heating oil contamination, you can also use Anti Bug additives that help stop bacteria growth, check out our shop for all additives available.

Should you run out, contact the depot on 01269 850224 as soon as possible.

At all times we will endeavour to assist you as best as possible, however during peak periods deliveries may take longer.

All our depots stock Emergency 20ltr containers of heating oil, or if you have your own can our depots also have collections available at the pump, contact our sales team on 01269 850224 and a member of staff will find your nearest depot.

Oil tanks have a usual lifespan of 20-15years, all our Atlas Bunded fuel tanks come with a 10year guarantee.

At DJ Davies we have a wide variety of Easy Pay schemes that can help spread the cost of your heating, helping you to keep on top of your finances just ask our team for more info on our Easy Pay Schemes.

Yes, DJ Davies can delivery. We have a modern and versatile fleet with vehicles of all shapes and sizes to meet all our customers requirement from 6 wheelers that carry a capacity of 20,000ltrs, 4 wheelers that carry 14,000ltrs, a mini tanker with a capacity of 7,500ltrs top our baby tanker with a capacity of 1,000ltrs for those really difficult to get to places. Whatever the access we have the solution.

The simple answer is yes you can. There are a wide range of additives available that can be added to your delivery that can help keep your oil clean, which in turn helps to reduce maintenance costs and boiler breakdowns. Check out our shop for the full range of Boiler Additives available.


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